Sunday July 24 , 2016
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Inspirational And Confident Performances

Encouraged by his parents to sing, Matt began singing and revealed a promising lyric baritone voice. He enrolled in high school music and choir blossoming into a confident performer.



Welcome to Matthew Slaback's web site!

Twenty three year old Matthew Slaback is a very talented musician who sings and plays piano. He loves to perform opera to pop, like Elton John, Broadway musicals such as Les Miserables, Man of La Mancha, Phantom of the Opera, and of course, all love songs. He also has many wonderful shows for all occasions, such as patriotic songs, a Halloween show, several Christmas shows, etc. He continues to privately study voice and piano.

matthew_slaback 2At 15, Matt began performing at local rest homes which led to performances for hundreds of audiences including southern California’s leading dueling piano clubs. His dynamic piano playing and beautiful voice have been known to bring people to tears.

Matt welcomes you to visit the "Matt's Music" link to hear samples of his voice on ten songs. The "Calendar" will show you all of his upcoming performances so you can choose a date and time for a booking. The "Gallery" shows pictures of Matt at many of his performances. Visit the "References" link to see what customers are saying about his wonderful piano playing and beautiful baritone voice.

Matt has now recorded a demo CD which is available upon request. He is also recording the final touches on his first full length CD which will be available for sale soon.